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Plastic Children's Swing Play Equipment Outdoor Kid Toy Set Accessories

Plastic Children's Swing Play Equipment Outdoor Kid Toy Set Accessories

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Backyard toys that kids love. Whether it's hanging on a big tree or on a swing railing, this Tree Swing Set will make the kids fall in love with it. This is an essential thing for the holiday party, the children take turns to climb to the top, and the base large platform is also very suitable for standing or sitting.
Building confidence and being braver. This can be used as a climbing tool for children, with 4 platforms of different heights, encouraging children to climb higher and higher. It can also bring more parent-child time and enjoy every moment.
Colorful, more attractive to children. For other single swings, color is an interesting change. Bright colors can be seen at a glance, whether it is the blackish-green or the colorful one, it can attract children to swing.
Durable and stable enough.Large disc diameter 12 inches, small disc diameter 4.3 inches, static load capacity up to 440 pounds. The climbing rope itself is wide enough to hold well, if your younger kids just want to stand and swing on the rope, the bottom plastic disc is big enough to hold the child.
For Residential Use only - not for commercial use. It is recommended for children over 3 years old. Young children need adult supervision when they play.
This is a very interesting swing kit, children can stand or sit and swing. Through four small platforms, the children learn to climb without help. A variety of toys attract children to play in the backyard and playground, instead of staying in to play with electronics.
Also, the swing can help the brain learn to understand speed and direction, which can be beneficial for children with visual perception problems.


Material: pp
material: plastic
Function: Swing
Color: yellow, green, blue

Weight :1750g,

Packaged :in bags

Package Content

Swing equipment*1

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